About Us


Sentinel Underwriting Review is the leading provider of Real-Time On-Demand Risk Intelligence for decision support and ITV serving the Insurance, Real Estate, and Mortgage Industries. Our 48 year legacy is rich with customer focused innovation, inspection expertise, and customer service. Sentinel set the standard in the industry with our intelligent form designs, enabling underwriters to focus on their clients instead of searching through inspection reports.


Today we build upon that legacy as Sentinel Underwriting Review sets the standard for web-based Inspection and Risk Intelligence Services. We demonstrate our understanding of our customer’s needs by not burying them with warehouses of data, but presenting them with underwriting decision support tools that efficiently provide the right amount of intelligence at the right time.

Staff & Clients

Our knowledgeable network of field representatives is experienced at gathering the risk specific information you need to make informative decisions. Clients such as AAA, Michigan Basics, Wells Fargo, Fifth Third Bank and various independent agencies express their delight in our service delivery through continued engagements. We are flexible and responsive and can evolve any of our tools to accommodate your risk-specific needs.


We have coverage in every state across the USA. One of Sentinel’s distinguishing features is that when we indicate coverage in a state it is from end-to-end and top-to-bottom, from major metropolitan areas to rural communities and farms.